Jump-Start Your New Year’s Resolution to Find "Body Toning Near Me" with Emsculpting

Most New Year’s resolutions fail by the third week in January because people aren’t seeing the results they want and they become frustrated. We get it.

You’ve been working hard and eating well, sticking to your resolutions. You're seeing some results, but you want more. We have good news: you can have more, and quickly. Call Renu MedSpa Belair in Bel Air, MD and ask us about the transformative treatment Emsculpt.

What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is an innovative, non-invasive technology that uses electromagnetic energy to force targeted muscles to contract in a much stronger way then we can do ourselves. If you’ve been working on sculpting your abs or butt, but still have stubborn areas of fat, this is the solution you’ve been looking for.

There are a lot of fat removal treatments on the market. The edge Emsculpt has over others is it’s the only process that builds muscle while it removes fat. It’s been FDA approved to reduce fat cells and tighten muscles in the abdomen and buttocks.

Second, cosmetic surgery is much more expensive than most non-surgical anti-aging treatments. At Renu Medspa Belair, we offer a range of non-surgical spa services to help you defy the aging process and bring out the best version of you, all of which cost much less than cosmetic surgery. This means you’ll be able to choose a treatment that works for your budget, yet it will still allow you to get the anti-aging results you desire.

And finally, the recovery process for a facelift can be intense. You’ll likely have to set aside several weeks for recovery after the procedure. A surgical facelift will also involve pain, swelling, and discomfort in the days and weeks after the surgery.

On the other hand, non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments including phototherapy, botox, and chin contouring are non-invasive procedures. You can come in for a procedure during the day and go back to work and your daily routine immediately after. This makes facial rejuvenation more accessible for anyone who leads a busy life and doesn’t have the time to go through a lengthy healing process after plastic surgery.

How Does Emsculpt Target Diet- and Exercise-Resistant Fat

Our skin has three layers:

• The epidermis or outer layer

• The dermis or middle layer

• The deep subcutaneous layer of fat or the hypodermis

It is in the hypodermis that Emsculpt clients are getting the biggest results. Three months after their final treatment, a study found that clients had a 22 percent reduction in their subcutaneous abdominal fat. When stubborn fat layers are reduced, it makes more space for the muscle to visibly increase. And of course, your hard work becomes more visible.

How Does Muscle Manipulation Work with Emscuplt?

That same study showed those clients saw a 15 percent increase in abdominal muscle thickness and definition. Empsculpt has been described as giving your muscles the same workout as 20,000 sit-ups or squats in 30 minutes. That’s going to give you the sculpted body you’ve been working so hard for. This treatment is cleared for use on the abdomen and buttocks, two places on the body where most people want to see more definition but struggle to achieve it.

What Can I Expect From Treatment?

Clients say this is a very comfortable treatment—much more comfortable than doing squats and sit-ups themselves. The device’s paddles will be placed on the treatment area, and the device will be turned on. This causes your muscles to do super maximal contractions. It’s these contractions that will provide you with stunning results.

Appointments last about 30 minutes. This is a non-invasive treatment so you can immediately go back to your normal routine. Your muscles have done the work, and you're about to see the amazing results.

When Can I Expect Results?

Many clients see immediate results like they would if they had just had a great workout. As that deep layer of fat is melting away because of the new muscle-sculpting happening, your results will continue to improve. After two weeks, it will look like you’ve been working out at maximum capacity and have been eating clean for a year.

And it doesn’t just look that way, it feels that way. People are amazed to see a six-pack after only a few weeks. If you’ve been doing endless squats and still don’t have the lifted butt you’d like, this will help. So, now you may be asking, “Where is body toning near me?” The answer is closer than you think.

Is There Body Toning Near Me?

If you’re on the edge of having the body you’ve been working so hard for but can’t seem to get the tone you want, call Renu MedSpa Belair in Bel Air, MD and schedule a consultation.

We believe everyone deserves to look their best so they can feel their best. The body of your dreams is a phone call away.