Passion for Your Future – A Medical Spa that Cares

Wouldn’t it be nice if your next trip to the doctor’s office was more relaxing? If you could get the healing and treatment you need in an environment that was specifically designed to be calming and soothing?

Well, now you can.

A Medical Spa? What’s the Point?

Thanks to the increasing popularity of medical spas, you no longer need to face the clinical austerity of your doctor’s office because you can have so much more. Not your traditional day spa, med spas such as Renu Medspa are overseen by a licensed medical doctor who can provide the treatments and procedures that you need to live a healthy, beautiful life.

A Place of Healing and Peace

Unlike other options which may waste money or fail to work, our professional facility offers a variety of services so that each client receives the treatment they need. Our services have been tried and tested, and our professional team is well-trained and given all the tools they need to ensure they can help you.

Founded on the belief that we can help people enhance their natural features so that they feel more beautiful, we here at Renu Medspa have a passion for making sure that every client finds the perfect solution to their needs. With extensive training in SculpSure® laser technology and injectable cosmetic treatments, founder Dr. Modiri’s skill ensures that each procedure is done right, while the rest of our team is highly skilled in professional fat removal and aesthetic treatments. What does this mean for you? It means that we will do everything we can to help you become more self-confident with your appearance because we care!

What We Offer

We offer a wide range of services that will appeal to both your body and mind, such as:

• Botox

• Chemical Peels

• Fillers

• Infrared Therapy

• Microneedling

• PDO Threads

• Phototherapy

• Sculpsure®

• Emsculpt®

• Non-surgical options

And because we know communication is important, our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be with you every step of the way to make sure that you’re happy with the process and the results!

Why Choose Us?

What makes Renu Medspa stand out from the competition? Our passion for helping every person who comes through our doors! Where others may just see a job, we see an opportunity to make someone’s life better. We are passionate about helping you love yourself, and so we will do everything in our power to make sure you do!

From the moment you call for a consultation to the day that you look in the mirror and see the ideal you, we will be there cheering you on and making sure you are getting the assistance you need. Our processes are tried and tested, and our client care is something we take seriously.

So, where other medical spas might make you feel like you never left the doctor’s office, we want things to be different. We’re here for you!

The Next Steps

It could not be easier to get started on your journey to a better you. We know that your busy life might make it hard to stop into the office, so our website offers a convenient online registry and booking platform. You can also call 443-225-4255 and schedule a no-obligation consultation appointment with Dr. Modiri.

If you’re not sure which treatment you need or if you’re looking for a gift ideas, we are happy to offer gift certificates! For more information visit our website or call our friendly team at 443-225-4255. We can’t wait to see you!