Your appearance contributes to who you are to yourself and others and contributes to how you feel and how you present yourself. Unwanted fat beneath your chin can take away from your vibrant, youthful appearance and damage your self-confidence. There is hope, however, with the revolutionary SculpSure® Chin Contouring system offered by Dr. Tessa Modiri at Renu MedSpa in Bel Air, Maryland. To learn more, contact Renu MedSpa to schedule your no-obligation consultation appointment today.


Is sculpsure safe and effective?

The SculpSure treatment has been FDA-cleared to reduce and treat fat beneath the chin. During clinical trials required for FDA clearance, researchers test the treatment’s safety and efficacy. SculpSure was found to be both safe and effective, thus earning the FDA’s stamp of approval.


Who is a good candidate for sculpsure chin contouring?

Anybody who’s unhappy with unwanted fat in the submental area (beneath the chin) and who has realistic treatment goals might be a good candidate for the procedure.

However, certain skin conditions may require you to delay treatment. These include:

  • Open skin
  • Active infections
  • Burns
  • Rashes in the treatment area

You can visit with Dr. Modiri in advance to determine how any of these conditions might impact your ability to receive treatment.


How long does it take to see results?

The SculpSure laser relies on your own body’s lymphatic system to flush the damaged fat cells. Because this is a natural process, it takes time.

You can expect to begin seeing results just a couple of weeks after treatment, and continue to see results for as long as three months after the session.

Most patients are very satisfied with just a single treatment, but some patients achieved their best results after two. If you feel you still have more fat to lose 12 weeks after treatment, contact Dr. Modiri to discuss the possibility of having a second treatment.


Will I need to take time off of work?

SculpSure is entirely non-invasive, which means you won’t receive any incisions or injections. You can return to work immediately following your appointment, making it an excellent treatment for busy patients who struggle to accommodate downtime.


Who can perform sculpsure chin contouring services?

You should choose a provider who has received specialized training in the operation and delivery of the SculpSure contouring system and who has positive references to share (such as Dr. Modiri). Don’t be afraid to ask Dr. Modiri about her experience or to share before and after photos with you.

*Individual results may vary