What You Need to Know About a PDO Facelift - From Renu Medspa Belair, Your Medical Professional Spa Services

For decades, women and men alike have sought a younger look from facelift procedures. Time has brought improvements in both technology and technique, reducing healing time and making it easier to achieve the desired result.Now comes another leap ahead in face lift technology, with the use of PDO threads -- pioneered by professionals in South Korea -- in a non surgical process.As a medical professional spa service, Renu Medspa Belair has been one of the regional pioneers in this procedure.

What Are PDO Threads?

PDO stands for polydiaxanone. This revolutionary substance has the strength for use in both surgical and non surgical procedures. Importantly, this tough material completely dissolves over time inside the body. For years, the medical community has relied on PDO for life saving procedures, such as open heart surgery. PDO threads last for up to six months inside or on the surface of the skin. They give the body time to heal itself, and then they disappear. Experts say that PDO threads are some of the safest external materials used in this kind of procedure. In our experience, the process also leaves no scar tissue externally or internally.Our professional medical spa services are provided experienced technicians who have performed this procedure many times.

How Does a PDO Face Lift Work?

A PDO face lift requires fewer invasive techniques than any other version of the procedure. The medical technician applies a local anesthetic, then inserts the PDO threads with needles. The patient does experience some discomfort bordering on light levels of pain, but continual improvements have reduced this.Our clinic generally takes between 15 and 30 minutes to complete this procedure. The lifting action of the PDO threads stimulates the production of collagen in the skin. Collagen provides a more full and youthful appearance through natural rejuvenation of the body’s largest single organ, the skin. Remember that this is a gradual process that takes place over months. Collagen does not appear overnight.

Why Choose the PDO Method?

The PDO method represents tremendous advantages over the traditional surgical face lift. It provides incredible results with reduced procedural and recovery time.Other non surgical face lift procedures use thread that delivers the same results, but does not dissolve away in the skin. These threads must be removed once the procedure is completed.Thread lift does not demand as much of the patient as other procedures. Patients can also explore other non invasive techniques such as botox. Since PDO threads are completely safe for use, any concerns about negative reactions are eliminated.

Who Should Explore PDO Face Lifts?

The ideal candidate for PDO thread face lifts wants to roll back aging in key areas, such as the neck, eye area, or elsewhere, before it becomes a serious problem. They have not yet experienced comprehensive aging across the whole face. Those who have experienced minor issues with a previous face lift will find that the PDO thread system provides a great way to maintain results from more major procedures.Finally, the PDO process provides a great fit for those who want to avoid cost and potential for complications.